I am a student journalist and freelancer based out of Boulder, Colorado. I am Editor-in-Chief of the Her Campus CU Boulder online magazine and have experience writing for sports, news, and lifestyle. I have always been passionate about writing and have continued to pursue it in my career.

I am an experienced content creator and am always improving my skills with social media, video production, writing, and editing. My main interests lie in health, beauty, fitness, and sports, and my work is focused on those topics. I enjoy writing articles, creating YouTube videos, designing social media posts, and reporting on sports teams at CU Boulder.

On my free time, I like to workout at my local CrossFit gym, explore the mountains, and find the best coffee shops around town!


Education History

University of Colorado, Boulder
Bachelor’s Degree: Broadcast Journalism; Minor: Sports Media
Overall GPA 3.39/4.0 | August 2017 – present
Relevant Coursework: Fundamentals of Reporting, Visual Literacy, Principles of Journalism and Networked Communication, Sports Writing, Reporting 2, Media and Diverse Populations, Media Law and Ethics, Sports Media and Society, Intro into Critical Sports Studies, Social Media Storytelling, Media and Global Crisis

Personal Achievements

Boulder Weekly, Published on Mar. 28, 2019
– Interviewed sources at the Colorado State Capitol to gain insight for a story
– Wrote for breaking news
CBS Sports, Production Assistant – July 2019
– Helped set-up production equipment for onsite interviewing of athletes
– Assisted with the production of a sports story published on the CBS Sports website

Key Abilities

Software Applications: Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides; Mac OS, Windows OS, Adobe Premier, Trello, Slack, WordPress
Social Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

Her Sport – Dublin, Ireland

Intern // May 2020 – Present

  • Interview athletes weekly
  • Write profile and feature stories about women in sports
  • Create and edit videos in Adobe premiere to be uploaded on YouTube
  • Create graphics for YouTube and the Her Sport website with Photoshop
  • Research athlete statistics

Her Campus CU Boulder – Boulder, CO

Editor-in-Chief // April 2020 – Present

  • Communicate with Her Campus nationals to discuss magazine content and brand sponsorships
  • Edit and schedule articles to be published on the Her Campus website daily
  • Create a bi-monthly newsletter to be sent out to 200+ subscribers
  • Run weekly meetings
  • Collaborate with brands to write review articles and create social media posts

 Senior Editor // August 2019 – April 2020

  • Edit 5-20 articles on the Her Campus CU Boulder website weekly
  • Draft, edit and publish bi-monthly newsletters, reaching 250 subscribers

CrossFit Roots – Boulder, CO

Administrative Assistant // August 2019 – Present

  •  Compose emails to 500+ clients to set up memberships, answer questions, and schedule training sessions
  • Responsible for overseeing client reports to manage unpaid classes
  •  Create weekly social media content for the CrossFit Roots Instagram, reaching 7,000 followers per post

CU D1 Men’s Hockey – Boulder, CO

Beat Reporter // January 2019 – Present

  • Interview 30 athletes for weekly game reports and profile stories
  • Write and publish weekly game reports within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the game

Buff Sports Live – Boulder, CO

Member // February 2019 – May 2019

  • Commentated games for a live feed on YouTube
  • Wrote scripts for a weekly show uploaded on YouTube every Friday

CrossFit Media – Salt Lake City, UT

Media Intern // June 2018

  • Created live updates of CrossFit events on Twitter
  • Interviewed athletes and transcribed the interviews to be sent to CrossFit Media reporters