‘Nothing to lose’: Hockey goalie Grant Payne looks to finish off college strong post-injury

Imagine working hard, paying your dues, and then having it all fall apart the year you were ready to shine.

New law will help some caught in student debt crisis

Originally published in the Boulder Weekly on March 28, 2019. With the announcement of President Trump’s 2020 budget came proposals to significantly alter how, and even if, people pay off student debt with the help of the federal government. Although Congress has...

What it Was Like to Model in College Fashion Week

I have always been one of those girls who has dreamed of strutting down a long catwalk with a continuous flashing of cameras at the end of the runway.

Your Guide to Black Friday Shopping

An article inspired by all of my adventures (and mistakes) with Black Friday shopping.

Síofra Cléirigh Büttner Hopes To ‘Leave A Mark’ On Athletics

Originally published on Her Sport Ireland // June 25, 2020 Moving across the world to become a student athlete can be intimidating. For Dublin native Síofra Cléirigh Büttner, however, choosing to attend school in the United States was an unquestionable decision. She...

‘Where You Grow Up Doesn’t Determine Your Potential’ – Babalwa Latsha

Originally published on Her Sport Ireland // Sept. 13, 2020 To many black and non-white South Africans, the South African ‘Springbok’ rugby team was one of the most hated symbols of apartheid. Rugby was the sport for the Afrikaner, the white man. The Springbok badge...

7 Ways to Get Over the Flu Fast

Find yourself sick with the flu? Don't make the same mistakes I did. Follow these 7 tips to get better fast.

New hockey head coach Brent Tollar comes full circle with Buffaloes

As the start of a new hockey season inched closer, the University of Colorado Boulder Division I hockey junior captain Joe Kinsella and junior assistant captain Connor Sullivan were on the hunt for a new head coach. The Buffs were in a tough position after Eric Ballard stepped down in the summer; it was a sudden roadblock that left them without a leader.

Her Sport

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How to Spend Valentine’s Day When You are in a Long-Distance Relationship

Although Valentine’s Day may feel like more of a hassle, here are some ways you could celebrate the holiday of love with your significant other that won’t make you miss them even more.